FBI Investigates Allegations of Bid-rigging In Detroit Demolition Program

In a truly rare event, my interview notes were released to the public resulting from a FOIA order granted by a Michigan state judge. Due to this release you have a rare opportunity to see how the principles that I teach in my Advanced Interview Techniques classes play out in a real investigation. As this is still an active federal investigation I cannot comment further on the case. A reading of this Detroit Free Press article should be sufficient for now. After the investigation has concluded as well as all legal proceedings,  I will put together another course about this investigation into how city agencies in Detroit Michigan administered nearly $500 million of federal funds to tear-down nearly 70,000 blighted homes in Detroit.

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ACFE Profile of Tom Golden

“I’ve often said in mentoring staff that no matter how smart you are, no one’s successful without someone else giving them a hand up the ladder of success,” says Tom Golden, CFE, CPA. Golden,a professional speaker, author and retired partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), now focuses on speaking engagements and the debut of his new novel but says he owes a debt to all who have helped him during his professional career.

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