Public Speaking

Whether Tom speaks from a podium, freely walks around an open stage, meets with small groups, or conducting seminars he engages his audiences with proven methods and techniques they can use in their everyday lives to thwart the efforts of would-be fraudsters and help spot the loose threads of fraud before they can do damage to the organization.  And his suggestions stick…most likely because he delivers them intertwined with anecdotes of real-life experiences.

From the Podium

Tom has a unique and subtle manner about him when presenting examples of how others view integrity and honesty and deal with violations of trust which audiences can relate to.

Tom speaks with sincerity to drive home an important point. Having led so many large-scale investigations and witnessed what others have done well…and not so well…enables Tom to communicate proven investigative techniques. 

From the Stage

Conference coordinators often ask Tom to utilize an open stage for presentations to larger groups and as one can see, Tom is very comfortable using this delivery method.

Tom has conducted hundreds of financial crime investigations not only all across America, but on nearly every continent across the globe (not Antarctica….yet!) and in most every industry.  His stories are riveting.

In Small Groups

In this small group one-on-one, Tom offers his opinion of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act…was it worth all the trouble.  Here is his perspective on both the upside and the downside of this important law.

Tom enjoys opportunities where he gets to meet with students and faculty or business managers and executives in side-bar gatherings. If event planners can squeeze them in between Tom's flights he doesn't charge extra for them. 

Conducting Seminars

Tom explains The Fraud Triangle – the three ingredients which must exist before anyone is capable of committing a fraud.

Simple techniques such as “Put forth the perception that if you do something wrong you will be caught….” are presented to audiences by Tom providing greater assurance that fraud won’t happen in your house