Real World Investigative Problem Solving, Fraud Auditing 101

The only professional activity that Tom enjoys more than speaking about fraud is conducting seminars to teach students and internal auditors how to investigate suspicions of fraud.

As with his speeches, Tom can tailor his seminars to any specific audience, but here are a few of his more popular sessions:

Fraud Auditing 101
Your internal auditors likely graduated from a good college or university after studying for four to five years to earn that B.S. in accounting or Master of Accountancy degree.  They may have spent a number of years at a Big Four accounting firm.  You think they are “Fraud Fighters.”  You are mistaken.  Unless they have specific experience dealing with fraud or some specialized training, it is likely that your auditors are clueless about how to recognize fraud and what to do to prevent it.  This course is intended for internal auditors and will give them proven procedures for detecting fraud that they can incorporate into their annual risk assessment and current internal audit schedule.

Here is what they will learn:

  • Participants will learn the profile of a fraudster and be surprised at how very ordinary and likeable they really are.  Given this, they will learn what global controls will best protect their organization’s assets.
  • What are the common mistakes made by management when a fraud is suspected? What should you do when a fraud is suspected, and more specifically, when a specific individual is the suspected target.
  • An overview of the specific “fraud fighting” arsenal all self-respecting internal auditors should carry with them in the field…including when and how they should be used
  • Moving from “watchdog” to “bloodhound.” Learn how to look beyond the numbers… one of the more important skills a good forensic accountant can possess.
  • Be able to identify all types of  “Red Flags” – Vendor, Business, Personal, and Purchasing.
  • How to develop a Fraud Audit Program knowing not only what steps to include, but when to perform them, or knowing when not to.
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