Finally… An accounting fraud thriller!
And written by someone who’s made a career
out of financial crime investigations…

—Mike Dyer, Retired FBI Special Agent Supervisor, Chicago

Sam Halloran’s ambitious, a bit desperate, and a newly minted accountant. He’s got a family to support and everything hinges on this job. But when he gets assigned to his first public company audit, he’s unstoppable. In fact, he sees something no one else did. Fraud. Big-time fraud. And his audit client suspects Sam’s onto them.

That’s when the walls start to close in.

Suddenly, average-joe-Sam becomes modern-day-David, up against a giant that could crush him in an instant.  He’ll remind you a lot of Mitch McDeere in John Grisham’s pioneering legal thriller, The Firm, a guy in so deep, so suddenly, he hasn't yet checked the exits. And now it's too late to run.

Sam sees he’s one of an army of young, far from savvy auditors paid to keep their heads down and not get too curious—and, as he quickly learns, none of them, including himself, are trained to uncover fraud. But the enormous fraud he thinks he’s discovered just can't be overlooked. Unfortunately, Sam’s clandestine investigation is noticed within the company he’s auditing.

They’ll do anything to stop him. Even weaponize their own employees. First they try misdirection. Then seduction followed by blackmail. When that goes awry, who knows what’s next?

The first in a new series, SUNDAY NIGHT FEARS is as much psychological thriller as financial mystery that will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they root for Sam’s success, then his safety, and when it comes right down to it, his soul. Because this audit has the potential to change him forever—in good, bad, or even fatal ways.