The Art of the Interview

When John Wiley & Sons sought-out and contracted with Tom Golden to author A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation Tom knew that there was no one person alive who possessed the knowledge, skills and experience to author every chapter that he felt needed to be covered in what was about to be marketed globally as the seminal guide to forensic accounting investigation.  As such, he sought-out experts throughout the world whom he believed possessed the world-class knowledge, skills and experiences to author individual chapters.  Tom himself believed there were a few areas where he considered himself one of the best in the world.  One of those was interviewing, or as he termed it “The Art of the Interview” and he co-authored that chapter in the book with his good friend and colleague, Mike Dyer, former FBI Special Agent who taught interview techniques for the Bureau.  Tom will tell you that it is his favorite chapter in the entire book!

Tom has been engaged to conduct seminars on just this skill area alone.  He cautions that not everyone in audit firms and corporations need possess this skill, but those who actively conduct financial crime investigations should receive this type of instruction.  The ability to sit down with perpetrators, or those who possess special knowledge of crimes which have occurred, present them with the evidence and obtain the confession of a crime or admission to knowledge about a crime is just about the most valuable skill a successful investigator can possess.  Only an experienced investigator knows that simply presenting evidence of a theft or financial impropriety is not enough to convict.  It is incumbent upon the prosecutor to also prove intent, or scienter….that, at the time the crime was perpetrated, the suspect actually intended to deceive, to do harm.  That can be the most difficult of the five legal requirements to prove criminal activity.  Imagine how valuable it would be to get the perpetrator to actually admit, in a properly conducted admission-seeking interview, that he did indeed commit the crime, with intent.  There is no evidence more valuable to assuring justice.

If you participate in active financial crime investigations, you need to possess this skill.  Tom Golden’s seminar “The Art of the Interview” can give you the skills you need.

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