What are Others Saying about Tom?

Tom’s method of instruction works...
...because he is approachable. That's right. People learn more when they actually like their instructors. Tom's manner of instruction draws people into the learning experience. They feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes and as such become engrossed in learning. Tom's empathy for the difficult jobs of those he instructs is gained from his own struggles in dealing with people who have deceived him. He knows firsthand what it's like to be deceived by someone he trusted and after years of dealing with fraud he knows exactly how to make employees feel comfortable in doing their jobs vs. trying to be human lie-detectors thereby setting themselves up to become a fraudster's next victim.


Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA
Founder and Chairman
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

“When it comes to knowledge about fraud and white-collar crime, Tom Golden is at the top.
And when it comes to communicating that knowledge to others, no one does it better.” 

Univ. of Texas

Univ. of Missouri

Tom Golden is the consummate forensic accountant and professional. He has been an invaluable component of our academic and practice exposure to forensic accounting at the University of Missouri. We launched our forensic accounting initiative at Missouri in 2004 -- and Tom has been an integral part of our curricular innovations and coverage in this key area of emphasis in our nationally ranked accounting program since. He helped us with the design of key components of our forensic accounting courses and also facilitated faculty residencies at his practice.

He has also served as a very regular speaker to our students at Missouri, making it a point to visit our classes and discuss his experiences. His forensic accounting presentations are highly informative and are among the best planned and most informative that I have seen in over two decades in accounting academe. He covers cases in detail, supplementing them with theoretical and guiding insights into forensic investigations. He draws from his vast experience to illustrate key concepts and issues in this process.

Last, but not least, he has an interactive presentation style that keeps the audience highly participative in discussions. I would highly recommend Tom to any group interested in learning more about forensic accounting and investigations in general. His superb presentations, combined with his extensive experience, would be an educational treat for any audience.

Vairam Arunachalam
Director, School of Accountancy
Trulaske College of Business
University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri 65211-2600
E-mail: arunachalam@missouri.edu
Phone: 573-882-3225

Indiana Univ.

While a professor in the Accounting Department of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana I created and taught the first graduate Forensic Accounting course in the Big Ten.  During each of the seven years the course was offered at Indiana University Tom Golden of PwC made a major presentation to our students.

Although we had a number of outstanding and prestigious presenters each year, Tom Golden was always the most outstanding visitor.  He always presented fascinating and relevant information and scenarios from the real world of Forensic Accounting.  Students were captivated by his experiences and his knowledge of a broad range of Forensic Accounting issues.  In course evaluations at the end of the semester, many students felt compelled to tell me what a wonderful experience it was having Tom Golden present to the class.

I have been using Tom Golden’s book, A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation in my graduate Fraud Examination class.  I chose this book and have continued to use it for several years now because it offers students a view into the world of fraud investigation from an auditor’s prospective.  It offers ideas and insights into the many facets of fraud as it impacts on the traditional audit function at CPA firms.  No other textbook on the market comes close to presenting the unique and essential information provided in Tom Golden’s book.  In summary, Tom Golden is an intelligent, articulate, unique and interesting person, author, and presenter.

 Les Heitger, PhD
BKD Distinguished Professor of Forensic Accounting
School of Accountancy
Missouri State University
Office Phone: 417-836-5337

DePaul Univ.

Tom Golden is simply Golden! He has the ability to intertwine auditing and forensic accounting in a manner that is intriguing to students. He approaches his presentations by utilizing industry examples that greatly enhance the theoretical concepts covered in most textbooks. He is truly a complement to any accounting curriculum. Not only do his presentations help teach students how to be mindful of fraud, the presentations help business educators ensure that we are producing the next generation of ethically-minded accountants and business professionals. Golden's borrowed slogan, 'Trust but Verify' will be forever etched in my students' head.

Kelly Richmond Pope, Ph.D., CPA
Assistant Professor, School of Accountancy
DePaul University
1 East Jackson Blvd Suite 6000
Chicago, IL 60604



Victim corporations exposed to fraud are a private matter. Tom does not disclose the names of those companies out of privacy concerns. Below are some of the many quotes pulled from participant evaluations.
"Bring him back! Outstanding delivery in a fun and lively manner."
"I thoroughly enjoyed his manner, stores and his insights."
"Thank you for booking the best speaker that I have ever heard and witnessed in my 17 year professional career. I thought Tom Golden was a phenomenal speaker."
"Best session at the conference....should have been scheduled for two sessions."